Anti fog spray that doesn’t STING your eyes

If you’re looking for an anti fog spray that doesn’t sting your eyes…look no further.

C-Clear anti fog spray and gel are both non-toxic, non-harmful products. We do not use hazardous or harsh chemicals in the making of C-Clear. We are a GREEN product – not harmful to the environment or to any living thing.

Maybe you’ve had 1st hand experience with the horrible burning sensation and stinging eyes while wearing goggles. Most likely your lenses were coated with toxic and harmful anti fog chemicals.

True Story

A triathlete used an anti fog solution on his swim goggles that nearly blinded him for life. Near the end of his swim the swimmer’s goggles began to fill up with water, causing the anti fog solution to wear off and float into his eyes. He barely made it to shore with eyes slightly open. Once on shore, he removed his goggles, tried to open his eyes but couldn’t so he poured water over his face and eyes. With the assistance of medics on the beach, they tried flushing his eyes with fresh water and eye wash. Nothing would work. He eventually was rushed to Emergency Care. There it took nearly an hour before he could slightly open his eyes. Over several hours his eyes opened a bit more, enough for the doctor to diagnose him as having severe chemical burns to his corneas. Sadly, he couldn’t return to finish his triathlon that day, but after a week under medical care and treatment, he was able to return to work and a couple of weeks back to swimming.

CAUTION: Read all labels very carefully, and ask questions if you’re not sure about an anti fog product. Best bet — read trustworthy customer reviews, and feedback.

C-Clear anti fog spray for goggles

Fog free & sting free goggles with SAFE C-Clear anti fog products!


Anti-Fog Cleaners Provide the Best Solution for Foggy Glasses

Fog is nothing but small droplets of water which often gather on transparent surfaces. Fog forms when warmer air comes in contact with cooler air. During the winter this takes place on the “interior” of a glass window and in the summer it is just the opposite. Fog is very difficult to control at times and proves to be very hazardous since it reduces visibility.

Here is how an anti fog lens cleaner works.

Anti fog agents are chemicals that help reduce fogging on eyeglasses, goggles, car windows, camera lenses, mirrors and other glass or plastic surfaces. An anti fog agent functions by preventing water molecules from clinging onto surfaces. They reduce the surface tension and break down the water droplets.

foggy eyeglasses, anti fog eyeglass cleaner

Anti fogging agents are generally available as spray solutions and gels. These can be used on both glass and plastic surfaces.

However, not all anti fog agents may work in extreme environments such as, freezing temperatures that can ice up the coating and block vision. Heavy rainfall conditions, condition such shifting from freezing temperatures to warmer environment. Also, most hydrophobic (anti-reflective) lenses reject anti fog coatings. Check with the manufacturer.

If you are looking for anti fog sprays, they are available in various sizes with various prices ranging from $9.97 to $22.97 per bottle. If you shop online, you can find bulk discounts. They make great gifts.

Two Ounce Spray Bottles of C-Clear

anti fog lens cleaner, eyeglasses cleaner

Buy 5 – Get 5 Free 1 oz. Bottles

C-Clear sells an anti-fog spray in large quantities at exciting discount prices. So far the results have been good and people find it to be an excellent anti-fog lens cleaner.

Buy some for yourself and see how it will work wonders for you!

Use C-Clear Anti Fog Products

A foggy mask can ruin the fun of your entire dive just by blocking your view of the incredible underwater world. The fog accumulation it impedes communication between divers thus can be really dangerous. A diver can get distracted by a foggy mask — even lose track of his buoyancy and/or his surroundings. Why take such chances, when it is very easy to prevent any mask from fogging. All you have to do is to apply C-Clear Anti Fog gel to enjoy a fog free dive.

However, you need to understand that all new masks and used masks have to be treated in different ways since the lenses of all new scuba diving masks are coated with a residue left over from the manufacturing process, so unless this coating has been removed from improper cleaning. The inside of your lens may constantly fog-up where part of the coating has been removed. Don’t worry, with time this coating will be worn off or you can remove it by wiping it with a wet rag. Aft that you must ensure that your mask is treated well with a defogging agent like C-Clear before every dive.

Using a leading commercial defogging agent is the safest bet as these products are specifically designed to coat a dive mask’s lens. All you need to do is spray the defogging liquid into the mask, rub it around with your finger and buff with a lens cloth. Or apply a couple dabs of the gel (paste), rub it around with your finger and lightly buff the lens with a lens cloth or clean cotton t-shirt. While doing this you must remember, the basic idea is to leave a thin layer of the defogging agent inside the mask, therefore do not rub out the defog agent.

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