Paintball Anti Fog for Masks

Paintball players worldwide seek high and low for the BEST paintball anti fog for masks and paintball goggles.

Not only is it annoying, but potentially dangerous having to remove your goggles to wipe them clean of fog when you’re out on the field/arena.

Common problems with paintball face masks and goggles

  • Not all face mask/goggles come with a quality manufactured anti fog lens
  • Manufactured anti fog lens coatings on some lenses can wear off over time
  • Some dual-pane thermal lenses can loosen their seal
  • Lack of ventilation or fans on helmet/face shield/goggles
  • Not applying any or enough anti fog product to eyeglasses, as well as, goggles
  • Paintball players that perspire heavy – face heats up higher than outer temperature
  • Not applying a reliable anti fog spray or gel to goggle lenses
  • Wiping lenses with a dirty, wet or dry rag

What to avoid when looking to reducing fog

  • Using toxic and harmful chemicals that can burn eyes or skin
  • Using abrasive products that scratch lenses like toothpaste
  • Wiping lenses with paper products like Kleenex, paper towels
  • Slow down your breathing
  • Try to stay cool

What exactly is Fog?

Fog occurs when there is a significant change in the temperature and/or moisture around the eyeglass lens, face masks or goggle lens.  Inside fogging of lenses is usually caused by the air inside the lens or goggle, becoming warmer and more moist from your skin, condensation builds up inside the lens, especially in colder environments. The greater the difference in temperature and moisture between the inside and outside air, the faster and higher amount of fog builds up. The most basic remedy for fogging is airflow. If the air inside the lens blends with the air outside the lens, both sides of the lens will equalize, and fogging will be less, if not completely gone. Unfortunately, goggles and masks do not permit good airflow.

Therefore, paintball players need to rely on high-quality masks or use a reliable, non-toxic anti fog spray or gel on the inside of their lens.

Non-toxic & Reliable C-Clear Anti Fog

Over 15 years ago, the owners of C-Clear set up a tent with C-Clear gel cups and old cotton t-shirts at a 24 Hour Paintball Scenario Game outside Atlanta, Georgia. There they personally saw and listened to players complain about the fog in their masks, goggles and eyeglasses. To test out C-Clear, they applied the gel/paste to countless player’s lenses and sent them back out in the field. Every single player returned to the C-Clear tent with valuable feedback — 1) they LOVED C-Clear; 2) NO FOGGING; 3) no burning or stinging in their eyes or on their skin; 4) some tested it on the outside of the lens and found it easier to remove the paint; 5) liked the smell; 6) found it a bit messy applying (we now have it in spray bottles); 6) tight caps on container, easy to store in cooler. It was a proven test that C-Clear prevented fog with GREAT results.


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