Anti fog spray that doesn’t STING your eyes

If you’re looking for an anti fog spray that doesn’t sting your eyes…look no further.

C-Clear anti fog spray and gel are both non-toxic, non-harmful products. We do not use hazardous or harsh chemicals in the making of C-Clear. We are a GREEN product – not harmful to the environment or to any living thing.

Maybe you’ve had 1st hand experience with the horrible burning sensation and stinging eyes while wearing goggles. Most likely your lenses were coated with toxic and harmful anti fog chemicals.

True Story

A triathlete used an anti fog solution on his swim goggles that nearly blinded him for life. Near the end of his swim the swimmer’s goggles began to fill up with water, causing the anti fog solution to wear off and float into his eyes. He barely made it to shore with eyes slightly open. Once on shore, he removed his goggles, tried to open his eyes but couldn’t so he poured water over his face and eyes. With the assistance of medics on the beach, they tried flushing his eyes with fresh water and eye wash. Nothing would work. He eventually was rushed to Emergency Care. There it took nearly an hour before he could slightly open his eyes. Over several hours his eyes opened a bit more, enough for the doctor to diagnose him as having severe chemical burns to his corneas. Sadly, he couldn’t return to finish his triathlon that day, but after a week under medical care and treatment, he was able to return to work and a couple of weeks back to swimming.

CAUTION: Read all labels very carefully, and ask questions if you’re not sure about an anti fog product. Best bet — read trustworthy customer reviews, and feedback.

C-Clear anti fog spray for goggles

Fog free & sting free goggles with SAFE C-Clear anti fog products!


Convenience Offered by Anti Fog Spray

People, who wear any kind of glasses, surely have to face the problem of fogged up lenses on daily bases unless they use a good quality anti fog solution. The leading brands of these product offer you a tremendous amount of protection against fog build up. Any anti fog product, whether it is an anti fog spray, gel or liquid have specially formulated chemical agents that make does not allow the water droplets to congeal and create a film to block your vision. Countless people use anti fog sprays every day. Numerous people use these on their protective eye glasses, whereas, many others make use of these on a variety of glass surfaces, like ski goggles, swimming goggles, computer screens, glass window panes of their homes, mirrors, windshields of cars, trucks, etc.

Buy 2 Cups Get 1 Oz Spray Bottle Free

People operating boats and submarines also have to deal often with inclement weather conditions on almost daily, so they use these effective products to avoid accidents and be safe always. Numerous individuals, who live in damp, humid places, require using these anti fog sprays throughout the year. And that’s not all, before entering the swimming pool, using an anti fog spray on the swimming goggles will prevent the fogging and so the swimmers can focus better on their sport rather than shifting their energy towards seeing clearly and straight with ease.

Instead of trying to create homemade anti fog solutions with the help of materials such as soaps, detergents, hair conditioners, and using them on expensive eye wear, it is far better to use anti fog sprays and prevent all fogging issues for a long time. Using these sprays is very easy; all you have to do is to ensure that the surface on which you have to apply the product is absolutely clear and clean. This means the glass surface must not have any kind of deposits of dirt particles, sand, traces of facial oil or any other sort of smudges or debris. Just spray a little quantity of the anti fog sprays on the surface and make certain that every part of the glass surface is thoroughly covered with it. Then with a dry and clean cloth wipe off the solution lightly. Repeat another application on the surface and enjoy a haze free vision.

Anti Fog Spray is Extremely Advantageous and Easy to Use

Tired of wiping your glasses when you are engaged in your favorite sport? Not any more! There are a number of fog resistant sprays that are easily accessible in the market. Just purchase the right one and forget all about your fogging problems forever.

Athletes that scuba dive, swim and/or snow ski face a lot of problems with fogged vision. Their glasses and/or goggles constantly fill up with fog causing them to become seriously distracted. It’s simple – apply a fog resistant spray or gel onto the lens of your face shield or goggles to prevent them from fogging up.

No more fogging of ski goggles on the slopes!

Snow skiing fogged up goggles or face shield.

Applying such products involve a simple procedure. Just spray a small amount onto the inside of the lens and lightly buff it in using a soft cloth. This helps in protecting the glass from being fogged for a longer duration. Now your hands won’t be needed anymore to wipe out the accumulated fog. Most anti fog sprays are effective and affordable. Some are also  available in the form of a soft paste or gel. Function of the gel is basically the same, but can be considered to be more concentrated for people that tend to perspire more. Both offer you fog free vision. Just apply once in the morning and you should be ready for a better, CLEAR day.

If you wish to have crystal clear and safe vision all day it is necessary to use a “quality fog resistant solution”. We found C-Clear to be effortlessly applied and conveniently carried in your pocket. Many scuba divers carry the tightly secured gel cups in their dive bags.

Over the past two years, there are many more companies that engage in manufacturing of these fog resistant solutions. It is advisable to opt for the best solution that does not contain toxic or harmful ingredients that may irritate your eyes or skin. You may want to refer to various online stores that sell these fog resistant sprays or gels — read their customer’s comments and feedback for reliability.

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