Paintball Battlefield Clear Vision with C-Clear Anti Fog

One of the most important things on a paintball battlefield – CLEAR VISION.

Nearly every paintball player has experienced fogging at one time or another. Fogging up paintball goggles or masks is not uncommon and can happen to some of the highest quality paintball lenses on the market.

High quality dual-pane lenses can loose their seal, thus, the air between the two panes is no longer different from the air closest to your face. When your body temperature rises your face begins to perspire, changing the air closest to your face from the outside air of your goggles or mask, therefore fog starts to build.

Great “fog” example:

If you take an ice cube out of the freezer and set it on the kitchen counter, it will start to melt (unless you have an extremely cold kitchen). The reason the ice cube begins to melt because the thermal energy from the air flows into the ice cube. The reason this happens is because heat always flows from things with a higher temperature to things with a lower temperature, until they are the same temperature, a state known as “equilibrium.”

C-Clear has been TESTED on paintball battlefields world-wide. We ship C-Clear all over the world to paintball players that are beginners to entire professional paintball teams. If you’re not sure if C-Clear will work for you — don’t worry — C-Clear offers a 100% money back guarantee.


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