Advanced Lens Cleaner Keeps Lenses Clean & Well-Protected from Fog!

With the sky high prices of electronics these days, it’s become more apparent than ever before, to take adequate care of our valuables, so that we don’t have to replace them as often. Same is true as far as our personal prescription eye glasses and high-quality sunglasses.

If you were add everything up, there certainly could be a lot of items to care for — like eyeglasses, sunglasses, mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, TV and camera. All of these items either have delicate lenses or screens that need to be cleaned. So, if you want these items to last longer and offer the same clarity and superior vision, it is imperative that you only use a leading brand of lens cleaner solutions, as part of your maintenance.

Keep Lenses. Screens and Monitors Clean and  Well-Protected

C-Clear products are not made with harmful or toxic ingredients. They make great glass and plastic lens cleaners,  reduce minor scratches, prevent particles from adhering to the lens, and they prevent FOG. Since C-Clear lens cleaners do not contain any harsh chemicals, like silicon, they are absolutely safe for the environment as well as for the lenses of more delicate lens, like cameras, computer screens, television screens, telescopes, and tablets. Expensive lenses of telescopes, binoculars, and microscopes require regular cleaning too — to ensure that they remain totally free of grime build up, micro-scratching, as well as loss of integrity it’s best to use a quality cleaning solution that is not abrasive.

C-Clear products come in the form of liquid spray and gel/paste, so buy whatever type suits your needs or try one of each. In order to get 100% satisfaction and best value for your money, you must buy only a top brand of lens cleaner. Our C-Clear products can be purchased online or by calling 1+(877) 750-7927..

Using C-Clear lens cleaner is easy: 1) Liquid Spray: spray and buff into each lens with our microfiber cloth; 2) Gel: dab your fingertip on gel, spread a thin layer onto each lens, wait 5 seconds and then buff the gel with cloth. Be careful not to over wipe or buff so you enjoy a streak-free finish!


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