Qualities To Look For In Your Lens Cleaner

Eyes are considered to be the windows to one’s soul. It is also the window that perceives the external environment that enables a human or, any other being with the power of vision to make any move in any direction at all. In the present day, considering the factors of stress and strain in the eyes or damage, people often add eyeglasses to their respective windows-to-the-soul to ensure maintenance of excellence visual perception.

However, no one can deny the fact that add-ons to the original always have their share of short comings. Losing, breaking, scratching, and bending are some of the negatives that can be credited to these otherwise life-saving spectacles. But, what takes the cake, is perhaps the most annoying problem with lenses is fogging.

anti fog lens cleaner, c-clear anti fog and anti static eye glass cleaner

C-Clear anti fog, anti static spray and gel is an excellent product!

You can never wear your eyeglasses after a hot bath or shower to apply your makeup or shave? You can never ride a bike in peace on a cold humid morning or at night with your spectacles on, because your lenses will be prone to fogging and will impair you vision as bad as if you didn’t have lenses.

Repeated wiping with anything and everything handy on the other hand can damage the lenses to an irrecoverable extent. Thus, to ensure good health of the lens, it is necessary to have a quality lens cleaner on hand with a clean, soft lens cloth.

There are a few qualities that people must look for when they are purchasing lens cleaners in general. To begin with, the cleaner should not be corrosive. Secondly, the formulation should be compatible with any and every material with which the lens of made. This is very important to note because not all lenses are made of glass, some are made of plastic. Then, there are the UV ray coatings, scratch resistant coatings so on and so forth to take care of.

Price should also be a criteria while looking for anti fog solutions. Depending on size and volume prices can vary. Anti fog solutions refer to certain sprays and gels that are applied in small quantities to the lens making sure the lens is clean and fogging won’t occur. Quality lens cleaners like C-Clear Anti Fog and the like are good choices for your anti fog solutions.


Paintball: Benefits of Using Anti-fog on Face Shields

Fogging is one of the most common phenomenons that takes a toll on any transparent surface like eyeglasses, goggles, face shields and masks. When fogging takes place on immovable surfaces like windows, glass doors of bathrooms, mirrors etc., one can take their time to clear it up by wiping the surface clean and applying a no fog spray.

However, it can be very annoying when transparent surfaces like lenses of eyeglasses and/or goggles become affected by fogging. Things can go from bad to worse in seconds when your lenses start to fog up when you’re running to or from your opponent on the playing field in a paintball game.

Nearly all paintball players play in odd weather conditions, whether it’s hot and muggy, or cold and damp — they risk falling or colliding into objects and other players constantly, especially if their vision is impaired.

In fact, in some cases paintball players have ended up in the emergency room in critical condition following a massive collision because of untimely fogged of lenses.

paintball anti fog gel

Paintball – prevent anti fogging on the paintball field.

This is one of the main reasons that has fueled the popularity of anti fog solutions of which C-Clear Anti-Fog is one of the best solutions. Anti fog solutions in general are composed of certain ingredients that ensure fogging does not take place. Fogging can happen when moisture from the cold humid environment condenses on the surface of the lens in the form of tiny water droplets. Or when ones body temperature heats up, perspiration can form on the lenses. Once a lens/shield has been treated with an anti fog solution, a film protects the surface so moisture can’t adhere to. Condensation doesn’t happen — thus, fogging does not take place.

Today, anti fog sprays and gels like C-Clear are widely used by athletes on their eyeglasses, goggles, and masks. Swimmers, divers, cyclists, basketball, ice hockey, snow boarders and snow skiers all use some type of anti-fog lens cleaner.

Anti Fog Spray is Extremely Advantageous and Easy to Use

Tired of wiping your glasses when you are engaged in your favorite sport? Not any more! There are a number of fog resistant sprays that are easily accessible in the market. Just purchase the right one and forget all about your fogging problems forever.

Athletes that scuba dive, swim and/or snow ski face a lot of problems with fogged vision. Their glasses and/or goggles constantly fill up with fog causing them to become seriously distracted. It’s simple – apply a fog resistant spray or gel onto the lens of your face shield or goggles to prevent them from fogging up.

No more fogging of ski goggles on the slopes!

Snow skiing fogged up goggles or face shield.

Applying such products involve a simple procedure. Just spray a small amount onto the inside of the lens and lightly buff it in using a soft cloth. This helps in protecting the glass from being fogged for a longer duration. Now your hands won’t be needed anymore to wipe out the accumulated fog. Most anti fog sprays are effective and affordable. Some are also  available in the form of a soft paste or gel. Function of the gel is basically the same, but can be considered to be more concentrated for people that tend to perspire more. Both offer you fog free vision. Just apply once in the morning and you should be ready for a better, CLEAR day.

If you wish to have crystal clear and safe vision all day it is necessary to use a “quality fog resistant solution”. We found C-Clear to be effortlessly applied and conveniently carried in your pocket. Many scuba divers carry the tightly secured gel cups in their dive bags.

Over the past two years, there are many more companies that engage in manufacturing of these fog resistant solutions. It is advisable to opt for the best solution that does not contain toxic or harmful ingredients that may irritate your eyes or skin. You may want to refer to various online stores that sell these fog resistant sprays or gels — read their customer’s comments and feedback for reliability.

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