How Anti Fog Solutions Can help Save Lives

Fogging of glasses in the wrong place and the wrong time has claimed many lives on a work site. No one knows this better than workers of cold and humid climates. Imagine having to cover every millimeter of exposed skin of your body every passing day of the winter before venturing out for work. Many workers are seen wearing safety goggles and safety glasses to protect their eyes, plus have the rest of their faces covered with appropriate warm clothing, so as to prevent even a fraction of heat from escaping the body. While all this may be aimed at offering protection from severe brain freezing cold, such extreme protective measures can be at the same time sort of life threatening. Such life threatening risks is termed fogging of transparent surfaces.

How Anti Fog Solutions Can help Save Lives

In a more scientific explanation, the air trapped between the eyes and the lens of the safety glasses or safety goggles becomes hot because of the heat that is prevented from escaping, which in turn heats up the lens. At the same time, the outer surface of the glasses/goggles remain in contact with the chilly humid air of the outside. When the cold air comes into contact with the warm surface of the glasses/goggles, condensation happens, resulting in fogging. Fogging of glasses and/or goggles have been a cause behind many work related accidents that claim hundreds of lives each year.

For all you know, stopping every five minutes to wipe the fog off your lenses is not time effective. This is one reason why, Anti fog lens cleaners have gained such massive popularity with industrial and construction workers at large.

Fog preventing solutions come in two forms: liquid sprays, and gels or pastes. Each work like a little miracle. All that the users are required to do, is take a small amount of the formula and smear it on the surface of their glasses or goggles. What the formula does is prevents condensation in the form of tiny droplets of water which blurs vision. Instead, it helps in spreading the condensed moisture in the form of a single clear film of water which acts like another transparent surface than blocking vision. All job sites indoor or outdoor should have these remarkable life saving products on hand for everyday use.


How Safe Is Using Anti Fog Safety Glasses

Out of all the annoying things in the world, fogging of eyeglasses can be easily ranked as #1 irritant. Be it after two laps in the pool or a bike ride through the park, one cannot be more exasperated enough when trying to peer through two fogged lenses. If you can relate, you know how cumbersome it is when it comes to wiping your glasses every two minutes while trying to reach your destination. A second’s delay in wiping your goggles or eyeglasses can bring you face to face with the swimming pool wall, another swimmer or a tree or another cyclist on your ride.

Swimmer wearing swim goggles in the swimming pool.

Swimmer wearing swim goggles in the swimming pool. No more fog!

The best option not to have to wipe your goggles is to use an effective anti-fog lens cleaner. These products usually come in 2 forms – spray or gel / paste and can be used by applying by the fingertips to the surface of the lens. As the solution spreads on the lens, it prevents fogging, which refers to formation of very tiny droplets of water on the surface of the goggles, or any transparent surface for that matter. Instead, it causes the condensed water to form a single film of water on the surface that causes no hindrance to vision.

Anti-fog lens cleaner is a genius invention. You can be certain that fogging will be the least of your bother during a swim, or while biking around. There are many types of cleaners that offer the same or similar results, but some may take a toll on your wallet because they are more expensive and require more applications. One product that we found to be superior was C-Clear anti fog, anti static — it was affordable and required fewest applications to be effectively fog free.

Modern no fog spray to keep eyewear sparklingly clean

To keep your expensive eye-wear clean it is essential to invest in a quality cleaner that makes it easy to clean, and retain the like new clarity of the lenses. You can easily keep your ski glasses, sun glasses and eyeglasses or any other eye wear and even binocular lenses in perfect condition without any scratching by investing in an anti fog solution, which is surprisingly nominally priced, easy to carry and use. The modern and sleek packaging of C-Clear makes it easy to carry in your purse or pocket wherever you may go. This anti-fog lens cleaner is just the solution to solve all of your eyewear cleaning problems.

eyeglass cleaner, sunglasses cleaner

Prevent scratching, fogging and dust particles. Excellent eyeglass cleaner for daily use.

The fact that you need to keep your eyewear clean during very extreme weather conditions seems a bit too much of a bother, especially if you have to constantly keep a cloth handy to wipe the lenses. However, with this smart no fog spray and gel solution all you need to do is simply clean your eyeglasses / sunglasses once and forget about it the rest of the day.

The fact is…this product has been tested for quality and effectiveness for keeping lenses absolutely free from fogging and dust accumulation in any weather condition. The anti dust and anti lint properties keep your eyewear completely clean and clear 24×7.

The anti fog solution comes in a concentrated liquid which means just a few tiny droplets is sufficient to clean the entire lens. This anti fog lens cleaner is very effective, handy, affordable, and will last you a very long time.

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